Zettaly PowerX (formerly ThinkPower) External Charger

powerx external charger

Zettaly PowerX is main focus was to be the fastest external charger out there, saying they can charge your device from empty to fully charged in just 90 minutes. Well if there is one thing we have charged a lot of is external chargers, so I feel like I have become quite an expert on which ones are good or bad. But they are right the from empty to fully charged it did take roughly about 90 minutes to charge my iPhone 5. But I have had other external charges that charged my phone a lot faster than 90 minutes (like Lepow).

Another thing I didn’t like to much about this external charger was the only way to charge the external charger its self was with the Lenovo laptop plug. Now this would be fine if the charger would charge the laptop its self, but it doesn’t.

What we did love about this charger was the durability. It is truly made of some tough material, making it safe to carry just about anywhere and making it protective if you drop the charger. And the fact that I can see the percentage of how much battery life is left is great. I have reviewed so many external chargers and I have never seen this type of technology yet. I personally like it a lot better than little lights indicating how much battery I left.


Even though they are a couple things I don’t like to much about the Zettaly PowerX, but there were a couple things I did like that I never saw in any other external chargers. O would rate this charger only a 3 star product because I think you can find better chargers out there for a better price.

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