I have to say, this is quite an attention-grabbing phone case. It’s called the Cameron and it comes in a variety of prints on cork from a UK based company called Woothercovers.

Woothercovers Cameron Cork Case Review

I love the cork texture and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the aesthetic while out at bars and hanging with friends.

While there is much to praise aesthetically about the face of this case, the sides of the casing feel cheap. What’s even worse is that within less than 24 hours of having it on my iPhone 7, the cork cracked and crumbled off the top righthand corner where the case locks onto the device. Needless to say, this is a great disappointment as cases are supposed to protect your device…

There is a nice felt lining inside the case to protect your phone from scratching if any rubbing occurs between the cover and the back of your device.

I would say that if you’re just looking for something that looks and feels nice in your hand, then this is a fine case. The beautiful prints definitely add to the simple cork texture. However, if you’re at all clumsy, I don’t recommend this case as it will likely chip whenever dropped (as it did to us). It all depends on your need for a phone case! I do think that if you’re considering Woothercovers, their wood option cases might be a safer bet if you need a more heavy duty option. Otherwise, go cork crazy!

Woothercovers Cameron Cork Case

The Cameron retails for $23.07 USD which is not an outrageous price at all. However if you’re in the US you will have to consider your shipping cost from this UK based company.  If you are interested in purchasing this case or learning more about their complete line of products, you can buy at WootherCovers.com

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