kool cord

Lightning chargers for your iPhone are expensive. And because of this you want make the right choice when purchasing a cord. From personal experience we found that the charging cord made from the original rubber never last long. They get dirty fast and over time the rubber will rip and make charging impossible.

WinnerGear KOOL lightning cable is a certified high quality cable made with a super braided cable. The great thing about the braided cord on the KOOL lighting cable is that it is highly unlikely for you to rip and or tear the cord. The only Way we can see you ripping the cord is if you were rubbing it with something sharp or trying to cut it yourself. And that’s why we like this cable a lot. Your cord is always in a weird position and if you have a rubber cord the weird positions are what tear and rip the cord. Having a strong braided cord makes it almost impossible for you to tear this cord.

kool cord 2

This cord also have durable aluminum plugs giving the ends more strength and reliability. Also, this cord and all of WinnerGears cords are MFi certified which is always a plus. But, there are a few times we have used this cord and my iPhone said it did not support this. Whether this was a malfunction with this specific cord we don’t know.
Overall, we really liked using this braided cable because we are insured that the cord won’t rip or tear, the plugs are enforced with aluminum plugs, and this cord is also tangle free (which is a MAJOR positive. The only time we ran into a problem is within the two weeks we tested it we did run into the charging problem a couple times. Aside from that we really liked the cord and were impressed with the quality.

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