The Ultimate iPhone Wallet Case

Urban Armor Gear Trooper Case

As a person who loves fitness and the outdoors, I’ve always hated having anything in my pockets. Since I’m addicted to my phone (who would have guessed) this is really the only thing I can tolerate having in my pockets. Since I virtually need to have my wallet with me everywhere I go, I always fall victim to carrying more than I want.

In the past I’ve used a variety of different iPhone wallet cases and needless to say, I’ve never been impressed. They are either too bulky, or they are poorly made.  I like carrying my valuables with my iPhone so I don’t need a secondary wallet.

Urban Armor Gear Passed The Test

After trying over a dozen iPhone wallet cases, I may have just found the first one that I actually love. The Urban Armor Gear Trooper case is one of the first cases I have used that is able to hold my money and credit cards without becoming a massive box in my pocket. You are able to secure three to four plastic cards and a decent size of cash in its roomy interior and provide a locking door. A negative could be that the door is fairly hard to open, but on the bright side, because it is hard to open it is not likely that it can accidentally open to lose your cash and cards.

While this case may not be as slim as all the other Urban Armor Cases, it certainly a lot smaller than something like a LifeProof or OtterBox. And personally a lot more attractive looking.

One feature I really like about this is it’s really hard to tell that it’s a wallet case, which adds to the security of it all. Which is obviously a plus because no one will notice that you are carrying all your credit cards, cash, and phone in one place.

The protection of the case is just as good as all the other UAG cases I’ve reviewed. The entire phone is protected and the case comes over the glass so you virtually never have to worry about the glass cracking, MAJOR plus.

Urban Armor Gear Trooper Case

Final Thoughts

Overall, this iPhone case is the most secure and rugged than all of the other passed iPhone wallet cases I’ve reviewed in the past. I love being able to keep all my valuables in one place to clear up some room in my pocket. Having the combination for keeping my credit cards and cash while being able to have all the protection is a massive plus for me.

The UAG Trooper is available for $39.95 for the iPhone 6/6S and $49.95 for the iPhone 6/6S Plus, and it comes in black, white and rust red.

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