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As a tech enthusiast I am always taking pictures of the various technology products that I am getting to post onto the internet. The problem is, I always have a hard time trying to find the right lighting. There is never the right lighting and shadows get in the way of taking that perfect picture. To me this gets extremely frustrating and I have tried a various of ways to try and get the perfect picture. Luckily I was able to review this Tourchstar photo lighting studio that allows you to get the PERFECT picture.


First upon receiving the Tourchstar studio it was in a pretty big box. I thought that I completely misconstrued how big this product was. But after opening it I noticed there was another box inside which contained the LED photo light studio. It was well preserved and they did a great job to insure nothing was going to happen to this product during transportation. As I opened it up I saw that there was a lot to assemble with this. But, the directions were clear and I had everything done in about 10 minutes. There were many pieces that went with this so you have to be extremely careful when taking everything down so you don’t lose anything if you are going to be setting this up and taking it down it could lead to being a pain

Tourchstar items

After having this set up I was really surprised on the amount of light it gave off. The tent was completely enclosed and the only opening was the 3 different front flaps. You had the option to have the front completely open, a small portion open, or a medium size spot open. These openings were big enough to put the small to medium sized products in and out while still getting the perfect picture.

The double LED panels deliver 4,500 lumens of brightness while only using a50W which is low heat and long life span gives you the perfect lighting resulting in the perfect picture every time. Also, to make every picture good this comes with white, yellow and black backdrops for various shooting demands. To also help you get the perfect shot, the Tourchstar also has a reflective and diffuse interior to help get 5500K natural daylight color.

Tourchstar backgrounds

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought that the Tourchstar was super simple to put up. It was no trouble at all and took about 10 minutes to put it up and about 10 minutes to take back down. There are a lot of pieces to this but they give you a nice bag with a handle so everything can get stored. Out of all the images I took with this I found that I was able to get the perfect lighting and able to change the back drops to get the right effects every time. I think that this is a great product if you are a person who does a lot of photography.

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