The LED 180°Rotatable Touch Control Desk Lamp w/ USB Charging Port Silver Color

First off let me say this is hands down the coolest lamp I have ever had! It can spin 180°, it has a USB charging port, and the ability to choose between 4 lighting controls and dim or brighten the light! Honestly do I have to say more for you to buy this?! This lamp has a shining smooth anti-scratch coating making this lamp untouchable. Okay okay you can tell I love this thing, so let me show you some of the specs to further intrigue you.


This new generation eco-friendly LED desk lamp cost 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lamp for maintaining the same level of brightness, so you have smaller power bill to pay and our planet gets fewer carbon dioxide. Its LED bulb has lifespan of over 25 years; you can forget about investing in a new bulb or light for many years to come.

Vision friendly

Unlike traditional incandescent light, the new generation TaoTronics desk lamp emits a flicker-free light that best resembles natural daylight. This means less fatigue for your eyes and longer working / reading / studying hours without damaging your eye sight.

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Want this kick ass lamp? That’s not even a question, of course you do! Well get it Here!

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