With any luck, global energy infrastructure is going to be dramatically restructured over the next few decades. Wind turbine technician is already the largest growing job in America. Renewable energy is approaching the global market on many fronts, including personal technology. In that vein, Austrian company SunnyBAG (or Solartaschen) is introducing the LEAF+, a portable solar panel that attaches to your backpack and completely erases any worries you’ll ever have about your batteries dying on you at a critical moment. This six-watt, flexible solar system weighs less than two hundred grams and has a 400mAH power bank, all of which let you use this remarkable product in the great outdoors, or anywhere you feel like living an energy efficient lifestyle.

LEAF+ is a product designed for a modern user and carries a stunning array of features. These not only include the physical flexibility and impressively lightweight as mentioned above, but it also extends to the device’s elastic usefulness. The flexible panel is weatherproofed and easy to mount, which means that users can attach it to their backpacks, their tents, their bikes or even their clotheslines if you’re out in nature for an extended period of time. This is incredibly handy device is also capable of connecting to a variety of charging ports, including micro-USB and lightening. Also, with this project having met its stretch goal of 35000 euros, it also includes a USB-C connector shipped with each purchase. All of this lets you power your phone, your tablet, digital cameras, portable music players, GPS and satellite devices and even mobile gaming consoles, all with renewable solar power.

If LEAF+ were only these things and nothing more, it would still be a great way to start moving your personal life in a green direction, but SunnyBAG goes further by being an efficient and innovative piece of technology. LEAF+ uses amorphous silicon, which lets the device absorb solar power, even when partially in the shade and allows the panel to convert a wider spectrum of light into electricity. This solar panel boasts a 22.4% efficient rate, which is a world record.

According to SunnyBAG, LEAF+ is “…the world’s first hybrid solar system that combines the advantages of two world-leading cell technologies in one product… SunnyBAG LEAF+ is “the lightest, flexible outdoor solar system in the world” for outdoor lovers and everybody who wants to use an independent electric power supply all around the world. Whatever you are going to go – hiking, climbing, tours, cycling, golfing, camping or at festivals – the SunnyBAG LEAF+ offers a flexible solar panel that weighs less than 200 grams.”

You can visit the Kickstarter for SunnyBAG LEAF+ here. It closes on Sunday, October 23 and has currently raised over €52000 over their €22000 goal.

About SunnyBag

SunnyBAG was launched by Stefan Ponsold in Graz, Austria with the idea of creating solar bags for Doctors Without Borders with a sophisticated design which had never been launched before. Since 2010 we have developed and produced solar bags and backpacks to charge smartphones, tablets, and wearables on the go in an environmentally friendly way. In this field, we’re the #1 in Europe with more than 600 points of sale and great cooperation projects. We have also founded the SunnyBAG Inc. based in Silicon Valley.


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