Splash Shower Tunes Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

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  • Answers calls and hold conversations through the built-in microphone
  • Run time: up to 15 hours
  • Pairs your device with the Hipe speaker automatically
  • Convenient buttons for music and call control

Splash Shower Tunes® is a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker that takes listening to music to a new level. Yes you can listen to music but that’s now all, you can answer calls, connect to almost any Bluetooth device, there’s also a skip and back button to change songs while you are in the shower.

Splash Shower tunes gives you the ability to not only have it in the shower but you can have in anywhere! It’s completely water proof and works great even in the more extreme of weather. Splash Shower Tunes is designed in America and has become the leader in shower speakers because of the simple yet highly functional design, and ability to stick to anything with amazing sound quality.

I loved this speaker, brought it right into my shower stuck it to the wall, connected to Bluetooth in no time and I was playing tunes in the shower! The sound is great and it’s extremely clear! I love the ability to change a song or go back to the song without having to use my phone, the Splash is highly responsive and so far I have yet to have any problems. I can also control the volume of the music to my liking, and surprisingly for the size its extremely loud.

I would rate this speaker a perfect 5 star rating without hesitation! It lives up to its work and works perfectly. Like the Splash Shower Tunes? Buy it HERE for only $39.95


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