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Sentri The Home Monitor System

If you’re a fan of Kickstarter then you witnessed this successfully crowd-funded connected-home product that was able to raise almost $400,000 when the company was only aiming for $200,000. The Sentri is a all new all-in-one home-monitoring device which is being compared to the Canary in function was just released to the market on November 27.

The Sentri is being compared to the highly rated Canary. The Sentri incorporates a Wi-Fi security camera and sensors for detecting motion and indoor air temperature, humidity, and quality. Just like the Canary, the Sentri sends you alerts when the device is armed and it detects motion both on the device and on your phone when you download the app.


Setting up the Sentri is easy and simply enough for anyone to do. This home monitoring system looks like an old generation iPad that allows you to mount it to a wall or placed on a desk or counter top. Although, we recommend that you don’t mount it because you will have a cord that runs on the wall.

Sentri Wall mount

Having this 10.1” frame is what makes it stand out from the Canary. The Canary fully depends on your smartphone or smart device as the interface. While the this device gives you a 10.1-inch color touchscreen in addition to its mobile client. Because this monitoring system gives you such a more decorative look than the Canary.

The display has large numbers for the time. It is also lined with the current indoor temperature, current weather conditions, the humidity level, and a numerical representation of your home’s indoor air quality. Aside from all of these the Sentri also detects the occurrence of volatile organic chemicals and any other unhealthy particulates in the air.

Video capture

What makes this device one of the better home monitoring devices on the market is it allows you to have live viewing mode. You can download the the smartphone app for this smart device and check both the live stream display; the temperature, humidity, and air quality inside the home; and a button that can trigger a siren.

You can arm and disarm the security using the app or the Sentri’s touchscreen. When you have armed and motion detection, the built-in camera will capture a video clip in 720p resolution. Having the video in a 720p is a negative, but if this is the only negative you have with this device then we can live with that.

Final Thoughts

Sentri Technology

Overall, we thought that the functions of the Sentri and the design really makes it stand out from the other devices on the market like the Canary. Being able to have a 10.1” touch screen really sets a high bar that a lot of other home motoring devices have yet to do. You can also get the Sentri at the same price that you can get the Canary at as well. While the Sentri offers more features and better functionality than the Canary. With that being said, we would definitely recommend the Sentri home monitoring system. Check out the Sentri here!

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