The Case

I consider myself a somewhat outdoorsy/adventurer and sometimes I like to showcase that in my style. A great way to do so in a subtle manner is to outfit my tech with touches of nature. This case is a great balance of woodsy, rustic aesthetic with the protection you actually need for your device.

This particular design features a real rosewood backing encased in a protective plastic shell.  The phone’s side buttons are completely covered by the case with proper design to still allow minimum obstruction of use. I like that they are textured so your thumb and index fingers can quickly feel to the buttons’ positions beneath the case (this is often times a problem with many phone cases for both Apple and Android devices and is something we always pay attention to).

The Positives

This rosewood has proper open room in the rear to not cause any obstruction to my iPhone 7 camera and is thick enough that, when laid down on the camera side, it prevents the camera from touching the table surface. I really like this especially given the jutting out camera on the iPhone 7. The plastic body was also designed with plenty of texturing to assure a good grip on your device. This is also another area where many cases fall short and leads to a lot of drops that shouldn’t happen when you spend some money on a good phone case.

The Negatives

The negatives of this case are unfortunate: the wood back has gotten some facial scratches and even a slight dent after a little over a week’s wear. However, the mountain engraving is unharmed.

The Overall

Overall I do enjoy this case and would recommend it to “stylish adventurers”. As it is not a full body protection case (meaning it does not encase the screen), I would not suggest it to professional outdoorsmen and women as you could still easily shatter the screen of your device. As is it meant as a fashion accessory case, I believe the rosewood iPhone 7 case does its job. And hey, it looks cool. Isn’t that what most of us want?


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If you’re interested in this case by Tmbrs, get it here.

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