You may have remembered Qblinks way back on Kickstarter last year. Qblinks was the companies first attempt at this product but failed last year on Kickstarter. Their first attempted failed in funding then they completely redesigned the the product and named it, Qmote. Qmote is a multifunctional, single-button remote. Using predefined click patterns to control functions on your smartphone, all kinds of actions are available at the simple click of a button. Qmote allows you to do more with your smart pone then you ever thought possible! Now you are able to control your music, phone and all the devices within your phone! The Qmote is acting as a smart hub, Qmote offers you easy and intuitive functionality, all at the click of a button.

The Look

I was lucky enough to beta test the remote and was really surprised! First off The look of the device is incredible! Really eye catching and high tech looking. If you are carrying this around there is no doubt that someone is going to ask you about it.

qmote look


The Qmote basically allows you to hack your phone and control everything within the phone. When you click the device you are able to control something on your device. For example: You click the Qmote once and you are able to open your SnapChat, you click it twice and you can open something else and so on. Qmote is also water proof!

Control More Then Your Phone

The Qmote can control just about everything on your phone but it can also control much more! You can also control any other Bluetooth device you have as well. You can control your Nest, Hue, Harmony and so much more.

Qmote Can Also Do:

  • Find your phone
  • Take photos
  • Take videos
  • Make a fake call
  • Take screen shots
  • Record audio
  • Find your phone

qmote can do

Final Thoughts

We really liked the Qmote and we thought that this device is really going to change the way we use our smart phones and smart devices. The look is outstanding and really stands out. This is coming soon, so get ready to change the way you control your smart devices! Best part is this is extremely affordable! If you want to pre-order this go to their page here!

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