The Powermat Portable Backup is another in our line of external battery chargers. This is great to throw in your bag or backpack and charge your devices whenever needed!


  • Small and compact
  • I can bring this with a group of friends and everyone can charge their phone a little
  • Extremely light
  • Can charge iphone 4/4s or android phones
  • Charges itself on the PowerMat Wireless Chargers (available separately)
  • Sleek design
  • When charging there are 4 LED lights that will indicate how much charge is left and when charging the LED lights will blink indicating how much it is charge
  • Charges fast
  • Easy power on button


  • Charges slow
  • Cables need to be longer
  • Need to label what side is for iPhone and what side is for android


We think the Powermat Portable Backup Battery is a great external, portable battery. While we were hanging out in a coffee shop with our friends, we passed the battery around and everyone was able to charge up their phones (we do a lot of web surfing and instagramming). We all agreed that the battery was handy and charged different devices (iPhone and Android) very well. It’s again, a bit pricey, but for a backup battery that you can keep for a long time, it’s worth it at around $35.00.

Get it here:

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