When this Ghostek case arrived, I was so pumped to try out another waterproof case.

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It came in a reasonable plastic package and I was happy to see that they included a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean your phone before installation.

Because this is a waterproof case, the instructions state that you do a water check before installing it on your phone (so just be aware, this isn’t just a slip on and go type case).

ghostek nautical case product review elist reviewsWhat I do like about this case:

  • waterproof for 30 min up to 2 meters deep
  • anti-dust seals
  • bumper/shock corners
  • Ghostek offers a limited lifetime warranty on your case

What I LOVE:

  • I absolutely love that the ringer on/off is a wheel instead of an up/down toggle! This is very innovative and I haven’t yet seen this on a hefty waterproof case.

e-list reviews review of ghostek iphone nautical case

What I don’t like that much:

  • The case external screen cover hovers too high above the actual glass of the case. Because of this I had to continually push harder in order to type and text. Honestly, that is a huge deal breaker as this is literally the main use of my phone and it was so annoying to the point that I ended up switching out the case.
  • The case was very slippery. I thought it could have benefited from some sort of grip texture on the sides.

If you want to check out the case for your own you can see it on Amazon, here. Also be aware that the color of the case was not as vibrant when I received it (expected a bright purple and received a dark purple).

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a waterproof/resistant case that surpasses the Lifeproof cases yet. If you have another suggestion please leave it in the comments so we can continue to explore the variety of companies that offer hardcore iPhone cases!

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