nite ize connect

First impressions are everything. And the Connect case for the iPhone by Nite Ize did an amazing job with it! First I’m going to approach the product from the packaging first. Nite Ize did a great job presenting their product through the packaging. Everything you could possibly want to know about it is clearly states on the outside of the box or in the flap of the front.

Now to get into the case itself. The one thing I like about the case is it’s stylish, and extremely durable. My favorite part of the case is the edges have bumps that act as grips so you can have a tighter hold on the case and not have to worry about the case slipping out of your hand. The back of the case also has a removable clip. The clip comes of and goes on with extreme easy. The buttons are easy to use and the case doesn’t block anything.

Overall I really liked this case and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a case that is simple yet rugged. The price is cheap; it comes in 6 different colors and only costs $29.99. For a case that offers all of this and is also impact resistant, I would say it’s a great case to have and perfect for anyone looking for a good case to protect their iPhone.

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