It was this time last week when Instagram, a Facebook owned app, facebook front facing camera in app feature updaterolled out a 24-hour self-expiring photo-sharing feature (phew that’s a mouthful).  But this isn’t Facebook’s only attempt to knock down their competitor, Snapchat. Today Facebook announced that they will allow users to immediately access their front facing camera upon opening the app. They can then scroll through a number of facial recognizing filters. These will overlay festive themes to support the Olympics (how timely) — RIGHT ON YOUR FACE! You can send these to friends or family within the app.

Another very useful update to Instagram also started rolling out today. This is incredibly useful for people who use Instagram extensively especially for marketers. Instagram will now allow you to edit a photo, begin typing a caption, and, if you’re not quite ready or satisfied enough to post, instead of discarding your edits like it used to, you can now save a draft in Instagram! Thank God! Now if we can only get scheduling on both the Facebook and Instagram apps on our mobile devices.



As a follow-up to another one of our previous posts about adding Bitmoji to your Snapchats, there is another development in bitmoji tech. This is another cool feature for those who love bitmoji and SnapChat. You can now in a chat with a friend on Snapchat and add a bitmoji that features yours and your friend’s bitmojis together! There are a variety of scenarios that Snapchat and Bitmoji have teamed up to offer. You can now customize the way that you send your bitmojis by including your best friends and family members in a fictional scene with your two bitmoji characters! There is nothing as adorable as sending yourself dressed up as a unicorn wishing good luck to your boyfriend who has a cat T-shirt on on his next big presentation at work!

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