Neutron S – Phone and Tablet Holder Mount

The Neutron S is a new Kickstarter project started by Bungajungle. Neutron S is a magnetic mounting device that is used for all smart devices. Simply attach the attachment disc to the back of your phone and the magnet anywhere, hold your phone up to the magnet and your phones mounted simple as that!

The Neutron S is available in silver and deep space grey black anodized aluminum. “Very easy to use, allowing quick removal and attachment, it works on almost any phone or tablet, even with a case attached.  Neutron S is precision machined from solid aerospace aluminum, bead blasted, and anodized to match the premium aesthetic of today’s top Apple and Android devices.  The beautiful casing houses the magic of Neutron S: shielded permanent neodymium magnets.  They never lose their hold, and are not affected by dirt or temperature changes”.


Neutron S I easily mounted directly on ant metallic surface, like a fridge, or can be mounted anywhere else with the supplied 3M VHB tape.


The disc measures a mere 3/4 inch across (19 mm) with a super slim depth of .9 mm (the size of a dime).  Because it is so thin in can be installed in between your case and phone.

I attached the Mounting Neutron S in my car and the disc on the back on my phone (I had a case on) and it worked great! I never had a problem with my phone falling off or slipping, and I made sure I drove in some bumpy areas and got on the highway but still never had my phone fall off! The magnet is STRONG, and completely safe for your phone or any other smart device.


We here at E-List Reviews would rate this a 5 star product. It’s stylish, strong, and works! If you want the Neutron S pre-order it HERE for only $29.99!

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