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iLUV MobiRock Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are making an epic boom in the technology world. You can go online and find hundreds of them, which makes it hard to know exactly what ones you should and shouldn’t buy. Then there are the speakers that take it to the next level and offer you more than just sound technology. ILUV takes their wireless technology to a whole new level. The MobiRock is capable of both streaming music and charging your Qi-enabled smartphone wirelessly. But what makes this speaker different, besides being able to charge your phone via Qi, is the technology in the speakers that give it such an amazing sound.

The MobiRock speaker is packed full of different features that make it stand out from the rest of the competitors. This speaker is boasted with jAura technology for high fidelity acoustics, emitted through full-range speakers and a passive radiator. MobiRock is also NFC-enabled which makes Bluetooth pairing easy and fast. Last, this ILUV speaker is wisely designed with creative elements such as backlit, touch-sensitive controls and a flared shape.

jAur Sound Technology

Like I said earlier, there are hundreds of Bluetooth speakers on the market, but what it hard is you never know which ones are made with quality technology that gives you the best bang for your buck. MobiRock allows you to hear music like you’ve never heard it before uses jAura Technology. jAur is an advance in sound technology that delivers music with exceptional clarity and balance and get a full 3D sound from each finely tuned component in this speaker.

MobiRock speaker

Charge Wirelessly With Qi

A lot of the smart phones are now coming with the ability of Qi enabled which allows you to charge your phone. And even if a smart phone doesn’t have this ability, like all of Apples devices, you can still get an attachment to do so. ILUV took their speaker to the next level by not only giving you flawless sound quality, but allows their speaker to have Qi ability to charge your phone wirelessly. All you have to do is lay your phone in the cradle and watch it charge!

MobiRock style

Touch-Sensitive Controls & Voice Prompt

MobiRock also comes with touch-sensitive controls for easy use and convince. Located across the top of the speaker are the controls that are back-lit and contribute to this speaker’s stylish aesthetic. Also making this speaker easy to use and convenient is the use of voice prompt. The voice prompt is there to make the paring of your device easy and simple.

MobiRock sound

Final Thoughts

Overall, the MobiRock is an extremely high tech speaker that not only gives you the ability to have amazing flawless sound, but also comes jammed packed with other features that make the purchase worth it. Making the dock stand out with the ability of being Qi enabled makes it stand out from the rest of the speakers on the market. Last, having the ability to have a touch-sensitive controls design and voice prompt controls give the MobiRock an edge when it comes to Bluetooth speakers.

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