iClever Selfie Stick

With the Holiday Season in full swing, I knew I would need to be taking a lot of family photos. Imagine my family’s excitement when I swapped awkward arm’s length photos with a full fledged selfie stick by iClever! Taking pictures has changed for good when you pull out the selfie stick at family parties.

Selfie time

Now I am no stranger to the world of selfies. I have been known to spend multiple minutes trying to find “my light”. But when it comes to group selfies, there’s just no good method without a limb extension.

I’ve tried a few brands of selfie sticks and to be honest, I do like this one by iClever the best yet. As a simple bluetooth device (pairing and functioning out of the box in literally a matter of seconds), it can be tempting for companies to manufacture these cheaply to haul in a huge profit margin. iClever was able to manufacture a sturdy, functional and sleek looking device and sell it online for less than $11!


There are a lot of selfie sticks on the market, and that’s when it comes down to the question, which one do I pick? There are ones that plug in your phone then there are ones that Bluetooth to your phone. Words of advice, never buy the ones that plug into your phone. The iClever selfie stick is built using a Bluetooth remote shutter button on the handle of the stick where you can control the pictures. This also has a rechargeable battery that lasts 20 hours at a time which gives you the ultimate amount of time when you are spending hours for that perfect selfie lighting. Easily capture the perfect photos by extending to longer lengths and shooting angles with the lightweight and stable design.

My friends and family had a blast using this selfie stick with my iPhone 6 mounted on the end. With an expandable holder, the mount can hold most smart phone sizes with ease. The stick has a cushy grip, which makes the whole process of self-photographing that much more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there’s really nothing bad to say about this device. It’s easy to use, functional, affordable and fun! It has a big battery life which is obviously a plus because you don’t have to spend so much time charging the device. I fully recommend the iClever Selfie Stick with built in bluetooth remote shutter!

Happy Holidays from E-List Reviews and may your selfie game be strong!

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