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When I was first introduced the concept of an electric bicycle, I was confused, bordering on angry. Then, when someone explained that it was, fairly obviously, a bike with an optional propulsion unit, I wanted to know where I could get one, and if I could get one five minutes ago. And, while it isn’t available on the market right this second, the M2S All Terrain 750 Watt Electric Bike genuinely seems like the one I’ll be getting. It works on numerous terrains, from sand to snow and its motor can deliver up to 50 miles per charge, all of which blows my mind.

This electric bike is also a fat bike, which means that its tires are larger than average. This is what allows it to go off-road and still function, which is critical for an all-terrain model of anything. In addition to that, this bike is extra durable, thanks to its rugged aluminum alloy frame. These two components have been integrated to create a bicycle that handles numerous off-road challenges with ease; absorbing any terrain you can throw at it with grace and poise. This type of reliability is central for having an optimal time biking in nature.

The M2S All Terrain 750 Watt Electric Bike is powered by an array of Panasonic 17 amp hour lithium ion batteries, which have been rated for 900 plus charges, which means that not only are the physical components of this machine made for the long haul, but so are the high tech ones. Even the hand brakes are designed to be user-friendly, cutting off both the wheels and the engine when activated. These bikes can go up to 20 miles per hour, on throttle alone, and so a good brake system is necessary.

So much of these bikes work in concert to create the optimal experience for enjoying the outdoors; M2S Electric Bikes are impeccably designed. These beautiful vehicles are designed to handle anything and ask for more. According to M2S Bikes, “The M2S Bikes All Terrain electric fat bike is ready for pretty much everything you can throw at it. From deep sand to fresh snow and everything in between, this bike has everything you need to get you where you want to go… Riders can take advantage of the powerful 750-watt rear hub motor to blast up steep hills and enjoy riding at speeds of up to 20 mph on throttle only mode while providing an extra boost to get you through the toughest types of terrain you can find.”

The Kickstarter for the M2S Bikes All Terrain 750 Watt Electric Bike ends October 21 and has currently raised over $10000, which is double its original $5000 goal. You can visit their Kickstarter here.

About M2S Bikes: Eric Crews is the owner and founder of M2S Bikes. As an avid cyclist and mountain biker, Eric enjoys the freedom that all forms of bikes provide and believes that the added power of an electric motor can help make commuting and riding more accessible and enjoyable for all levels of cyclists. In addition to M2S Bikes, Eric also publishes The WNC Adventure Guide, a regional guide to the best outdoor adventures in the mountains of North Carolina.

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