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Urban Armor Gear

I’ve got a serious “case” of obsession. Urban Armor Gear is a company that fell into our laps here at E-List Reviews. We stumbled across these guys and gals during our internet adventures and couldn’t imagine our techhie lives without their gear.
The newest UAG product up for review is the Aero iPhone 6 Case.
For a clumsy gal like me, UAG is the answer. This case must pass military drop-test standards (which makes it Erin-Proof and has already been put to the test… multiple times). The color is on point for all options but we went with Aero for the awesome earthy blue tone. The case is light but impeccably sturdy. It’s made to be scratch resistant which is a claim I found to hold true. The case comes with an HD screen protector to guard against scratches and enhance the image. It also comes with a screen cleaning cloth (which is always handy).
One of my favorite things about this case is that it actually makes the buttons on your phone easier to click (volume up/down and screen lock). On my last case I could barely use the buttons as they were so hard to press!
This case also allows for optimal audio and photo use. No part of the case blocks the audio (in fact I think it enhances it a bit) or the iPhone 6 camera (which juts out from the body of the device).
For 34.95, this is a definite recommended phone case. It’s reasonably priced for the amazing look and protection you get. Get it here:

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