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Today we have another ItSkins case, and let me tell you I’m excited! This is going to be our third ItSkins case to review and so far we have been yet to be disappointed.  Sesto Carbon is a body case with a front lip coming out around the front of the screen to protect it from any fall. This case is a little bit thicker with an hour glass shape to it, making the case sit firmly in your hand. No amazement here, the case is completely shock absorbent. I was brave enough to drop my case from over my head (well over 6’7 feet off the ground) as the case dropped so did my heart, seriously I left my phone in there. When I picked it up the case was scratched but they rubbed right out, and the phone was free from harm and worked perfectly! Once again ItSKINS Sesto Carbon has to be one of my favorite cases I have done reviews for!  Quality, design, and perfection is what they stand by and is exactly what you will get with every ITSKINS case. We effortlessly rate this case a perfect 5 star rating! (No surprise there)


  • Protection on all sides
  • Shock absorbing TPU body
  • Real carbon fiber back in a gloss finish
  • Screen protector, squeegee, and cleaning cloth included

Like this case? Get it HERE for only $44.90

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