Thank YOU, Elago. We are completely impressed with the sleek design of this combination ink and stylus pen. Not only did you guys combine an ink pen and stylus pen, and not only did you allow us to see when our ink is running low, you gave us an awesome magnetic stand to make us look important sticking straight up on our desk!

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 3.34.21 PM

It’s impossible to lose (which is a big problem with pens of all sorts) because it has a specific place for the user to put it. The stylus is of high functioning quality (much better than others we’ve tested). The pen also comes with a replaceable tip.

It would be an awesome gift for people who use tech and handwritten throughout their days like designers and artists. Anyone could easily see the value and quality of this well made item just by the sleek packaging design… very alluring.

Overall, Elago gets a mega thumbs-up from E-List.

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