IsoTunes Pro Noise Canceling Earbuds

With all the earbuds and headphones swarming the market it’s always hard to find out which ones are truly the best. This year the company ISOtunes Earbuds have introduced their new product called the ISOtunes Pro, which are wireless earbuds. Check out below what we thought of these newly designed earbuds!


Specifications:isotunes pro

  • ANSI-certified 27 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • 10-hour music playback and talk time, 240 hour standby time
  • OSHA-compliant, including ISOtunes SafeSound™ Technology with 85 dB volume limit
  • Features aptX® high definition audio playback
  • Background noise cancellation for phone calls eliminates steady-state sounds like jet engines, lawn mowers, fans and vacuums for clear calls in loud environments
  • Custom-fit memory wire conforms to ear for stable fit
  • IPX4 sweat & splash proof
  • Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices

ISOtunes PRO comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Don’t like them? Send them back within 30 days for a full refund.


Earbud Design

The one thing you will notice after opening the package is the vibrant orange color on both sides on the earbuds. Given that I am a huge fan of bright vibrant colors these instantly grabbed my attention. Once you take the earbuds out of the package you will quickly realize how light and durable they feel. One thing that we have never seen before were the wire that comes out of the earbuds are made of memory wire and can be wrapped around your ear for the perfect comfort.

isotunes pro

The eartips are also made of a comply material that forms to your ears for the perfect fit and comfort. The ISOtune Pro’s are IPX4 waterproof and sweatproof which makes them perfect for working out. On the right side of the wire, you will find all the controls to change the volume, song, and power the device. What makes these a lot different and unique from the hundreds of earbuds on the market are that the ISOtune Pro’s are Noise canceling. Which are what I’m looking for to cancel out the sound while I’m at the gym.


Now it comes down to the real deciding factor, how do the ISOtuns Pro sound? Comparing these to the dozens of earbuds we have tested over the years we can definitely say that the ISOtunes Pro have the best noise cancelation making the sound crystal clear. The only way I could find to get the best fit every time was to roll the tips in between your fingers so the buds were perfectly around each time you wanted to use them.


After testing the ISOtunes Pro for a few weeks we were quick to realize how much we were missing out! The sound was amazing, they fit great in your ears, and they were by far the best noise canceling earbuds we have tested thus far! The only negative we would say about these are that you must roll the eartips each time you were going to use them to ensure a perfect fit.

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