Tablet innovation is a field that is expanding rapidly, enabling new devices and ideas to emerge at a startling rate. However, most of us still learned how to write, draw and paint with old-fashioned paper and analog tools. But, since the new invention is determined to reproduce these capabilities in a high-tech fashion, styluses are becoming more and more capable of doing diverse forms of work. With this in mind, Lynktec developed the Flip, one of the most advanced styluses ever created. The Flip is designed with the versatility of use in mind, with a variety of heads and functions and intended to be used with a variety of apps in order to deliver users an optimal experience using their tablet.

One of the most useful features is an eraser on the end of the stylus. Part of the difficulty of using a stylus on a tablet is that the muscle memory that is associated with using an analog pencil, which, naturally, includes an eraser. Why wouldn’t you want your advanced innovations to have all the same capabilities of the practical technology you grew up with? These types of innovations are practical and important. Producing these innovations is a critical advancement in the ability to quickly share ideas and information.

Another important innovation that the Flip has is a series of adjustable heads, which are designed to address various needs for the modern creative professional and artist. The stylus has three different heads and each is an amazing innovative tool. Each attachable tip is magnetized, for easy use and an easy time switching between them. These include a mesh tip, which is great for taking notes, sketching and doodling in your electronic margins, a brush tip, which has natural fibers designed to mimic your natural brush strokes, and a precision cross tip, which is amazing for doing detailed work. All of these tools are incredible and are a must-have for any digital artist.

The Flip stylus also comes paired with an app that works with the stylus so that users can get the maximum quality out of the product. This app lets users use their tablets just like they would an ordinary sketchpad. This includes allowing you to rest your hand on your tablet without creating extra marks. You can also use your stylus to zoom in on details of your work by enabling your stylus’s hover function. You can even use the stylus to auto-dim your tablet, but lighting it up only when the tip of the Flip touches your tablet’s screen.

This ultra-useful device is even powered by magnets, with no Bluetooth or battery charging required!

Lynktec’s Kickstarter for this project has currently raised over $55000, which far exceeds their $7500 goal. The Kickstarter remains open until Monday, November 14.

About Lynktec: At Lynktec, we believe in the power of mobile technologies. We bring exclusive, proven IP to products that will fundamentally improve the experience people have with their mobile devices. We continue to win the hearts of our loyal customers with our feature-rich, award-winning product lines and our 5-star customer service. Mobile productivity comes back to life at Lynktec.

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