61JPp4lVGfL._SL1291_Cellet Durable Lightning 8 Pin Charging Cord


Having a quality cord to charge your phone is crucial. You want something that is going be durable, can taking a normal everyday wear-and-tear, and to have good length. But the one thing I noticed that I always had a problem with is having a long cord that always got in your way. I love having a long cord but what I hate is when you don’t need all that length and the rest of the cord just ends up being all over the place. This is why I loved to use the Cellet Durable Lightning cable

The cable is long enough to reach over a 4ft distance but when you don’t need all that room the cord coils up. The cable is 4ft long and coils up into 3ft and is made of the highest premium quality materials! This also works with any Apple product (ones that use the lightning cable) and you never have to worry about the “this is not supported” coming up. Works great, charges fast, and made of great materials!

We rate this cord a high 5 stars! Works great with a cheap price! You can also use this cord with any Lifeproof and OtterBox phone cases! This cable works perfectly, I would recommend this to anyone!

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