When I go on vacation I like to share all of my pictures in taking. But because my camera doesn’t allow me to post directly to the internet I always have to wait until after my vacation is over to post my pictures. That’s why I’m so happy that I finally found the RavPower file hub. Finally, I can share all of my Media videos, photos, documents wireless, and even use my WiFi on the go!


Before when I couldn’t post a picture I would just use my phone. Then next thing I know I’m wasting all the memory up on my phones. The file hub allows you to just simply plug in a USB or SD card, and everyone who connects to the FileHub’s private network can freely transfer files. This is so convenient! It has definitely made traveling so much easier. And for as much as this little thing can do for a low price like that you can’t beat it!

Not only can I transfer files and media with this but I can even have the ability to charge any of my devices through both of the on board USB ports, while it is plugged in or while it runs off the internal battery. It’s awesome because it’s always an external battery!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better it also gives you the ability to stream music picture movies to any connected device, even multiple at a time.

Final Thoughts

Last thing that definitely blows any other competitor out of the water is that it is also a little travel router. Great for when you are getting slow speeds in a hotels WiFi. You can hard plug into the wall and have your own high speed WiFi.


Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a multi-purpose charger, file hub and router. I have been able to bring this with me on the go and use it for WiFi and for the ease of file sharing. You can get the RavPower wireless travel router here!

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