Coredy WD750 Dual Band Wireless Ac Router with Access Point

Let’s face it, all the internet providers’ fight about who is the best and say they offer this lighting speed internet that no one else can beat. Well for the first couple weeks you sign up with them the internet is amazing, then oddly it starts to get slow, cuts out, and you have nothing but problems. Beat this problem and get yourself a reliable repeater.

Usually the only way to fix this is to get WiFi repeater. Since when you call your provider then assures you everything is working up to speed. Well that’s just BS and we all know it. Since they want to rip you off its best to take care of the problem yourself.

The Coredy WD750 Dual Band Wireless Ac Router comes with a Access Point (AP)/ Repeater (Wifi Range Extender)/ TV Adapter/ Router Mode 2.4/ 5 Ghz for Gaming Tv Netflix Comcast Chromecast WPS made for easy set up. Seriously, if you can read then you can set this up! This repeater is made with 3 x internal antennas to help give you better coverage and signal strength. The best thing about this extender is you can use it for multiple areas such as an Office, Home, Hotel, Large Factory, Warehouse and just about any other place you can think of. The signal it gives off is strong because of the Dual band connections for simultaneous 5GHz 433Mbps + 2.4 GHz 300Mbps

Repeater Setup


When you took at the bottom of

this router you will notice a few different things. You will see a switch that has “router” and “AP/repeater” So you can either hood up to this hard wire or you can switch it to AP mode and it will boost your signal throughout the building. When you choose which side you want to use all you have to do is hold down the “WPS” button for about 6 seconds and then you press the “WPS” button on your router as well. If your router does not have a “WPS” button then you have to plug the Repeater into your router and go through the set up on your computer to set it up. Either method is fool proof and is self-explanatory.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this really does works out great as router and does an even better job boosting your signal. We have some problem getting the connection on different levels of our house and when we used this it did a great job boosting the signal and helping the internet connection speed up. Better yet the device is super cheap and affordable and comes with a 12 months worry-free warranty

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