Aerb Terse Leather Case Apple iPhone 6


This case works perfectly for the person who wants a phone case that covers your phone from front to back. The screen in the front allows you to still see any notifications even when the case is closed. The case is made out of a stylish leather casing and also has a plastic case the actual phone goes into for extra protection for your phone. This is great for someone who wants a stylish leather case but also wants a case that gives you the privacy you want.

Besides the stylish look on the case it will also give you great protection as well. The leather cases all around the phone with the extra plastic casing insides gives your hone some extra cushion just in case you drop your phone. I would rate this case a solid 5 out of 5!


  • Support is designed to allow you viewing arbitrary.
  • Smart Sleep, automatic wake up, power and peace of mind for you
  • Sleek design

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