Aukey lens

Aukey Optic Pro Lens

In today’s world everyone is using their phone for everything. No carries around cameras now because it’s so much easier to just pull your phone out of your pocket and just snap a picture. Whether you are taking pictures for Snapchat, Instagram, or just to add to your photo library. But, the one thing we run into with taking pictures with our phones is you never get that crystal clear photo while on the go. And this is where the Aukey Optic Pro Lens comes in to play. We’ve gotten one of these lenses before, but it was a cheap plastic one that really didn’t do much. But this Optical Lens is made of metal and professional grade lenses to get that perfect selfie, of course.

Premium Quality

When I first opened this one I have to say I was beyond surprised! It is made out of medal and real glass! It’s not plastic at all and honestly that is what I was expecting when I got this. The packaging was really nice. Everything was packed really good and secure so I didn’t have to worry about anything being broke. This came with a clip that attached to the lens its self and then you clip it onto the phone. The nice this is you can have a phone case on and this will still work. It won’t mess up the image in any way.

Aukey lens quality

Right away when I took the picture I was beyond surprised with how well it turned out. I first took a picture without the lenses and then took the same picture again with the lenses and you can see a major difference, the image is way clearer then without the lenses. And the best part is, this lens is super small and compact so you can carry it with you in your pocket or purse and it won’t take up any room.

Aukey optical lens

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves taking pictures and they want them to turn out even better. So whether you are trying to get that perfect Snapchat selfie, or get that perfect picture of your food for Instagram, this lens will be there to make it better.

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