Aueky BT023 Bluetooth Speaker Stand

I’ve tested a lot of Bluetooth speakers and the usual problem I encountered was how long it would always take to connect to the Bluetooth to whatever smart device I was using. With the BT023 Bluetooth speaker it as a breeze! As soon as I turned the speaker on it was showing up in the Bluetooth devices on my iPhone and I connected without a problem, easy plus right there.

The Bluetooth connection will work up to about 33 feet away, no disconnections or problems with the sound. The sound is crystal clear with a deep bass filling any room with the best quality sound! BT023 also allows you to connect to ant device with a 3.5mm connector offering 4 hours of wireless play and a little more time if you were to only use the audio connector.

I love Bluetooth speakers; I probably have one in each room of my house because I never want to be without music. This speaker works great, has a spot to stand your iPad and the sound is better than any of the ones I have ever had. I would highly recommend this Bluetooth speaker to anyone whp wants to find a good sound quality speaker for a good price.

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