iphone SE identical to the iphone 5

iphone SE identical to the iphone 5

There have already been 4 different models of the larger; iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s plus. But what apple started to see was people didn’t want to leave the iPhone 5 because they didn’t want to have such a large phone, either the 4.7inch or the 5.5inch.

Apple’s answer to this was to make a phone more appealing for those who didn’t want to have something so big. So welcome the new iPhone SE, a 4 inch phone that is a hybrid of the 6s and iPhone 5.  This hybrid is reinvented from the inside out taking only the best components from each phone.

iPhone SE Features

  • 4” Retina display
  • A9 chip
  • 12mp iSight camera
  • Live photos
  • 4k videos
  • Advanced security Touch ID
  • More secure Apple Pay
  • Faster LTE and WI-FI

Best 4-inch phone Ever?

Apple is making the bold claim that this is the most advanced and powerful 4-inch phone ever. The SE is running 2x faster CPU performance than the older 5s and has a 3x faster GPU performance as well.

Essentially Apple is taking the iPhone 5s and adding all the new features that are in the 6s. The design is slightly different than the 5s, but almost identical with a few tweaks and upgrades, such as the new 12-megapixel iSight camera.

Final Thoughts

Aside from Apple going back to the iPhone 5s look, nothing is really different besides the insides and a few tweaks on the outside. This phone will be available March 31st offering both the 16GB for $399 and the 64GB for $499

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