Sophisticated. Sleek. Minimalistic.

There’s nothing superfluous about this case for the new iPhone 6. It’s simple in design and heavy in construction. This is a great unisex option for the casual iPhone user.

I do have a few critiques. The exterior of the case is slick. It slides around a lot in my hand (meaning I have easily dropped it a number of times). The other thing that bothers me is that the lock button and the volume button are adjacent to each other causing me to many times increase the volume of music I’m listening to when I’m attempting to lock the screen. This hasn’t been an issue with previous cases but perhaps it’s a flaw in the design of the phone.

My overall opinion is that for the sale price on amazon ($4.99) it is worth the five bucks but at full retail ($29.99) I would search for other options.

Click on this photo to go to the sale on!
Click on this photo to go to the sale on!

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