AirStand – Ultra Minimalistic Universal Stand

Standing your tablet up at just the right angle has always been a problem for me. Sure there’s cases you can buy but most of them are all one angle you can put it at. But not anymore, the AirStand has been created to stop all the hassle of your iPad falling over.

AirStand is the ultra-minimalistic, full 360 degree angle adjustable, high grade CNC machined aluminium universal stand! The AirStand uses 2 extremely high quality friction hinges that substantially adjustable to meet the exact angle that satisfies you. No more 2-3 angle adjustments, meet the revolutionary 180 degree adjustable hinge.

AirStand is the future of ultra-minimalistic adjustable hinges for the iPad and other various electronics, now in order to make this dream come true it has to be funded. The AirStand needs $30,000 to be funded with 49 days left to go. Make The AirStand the future and back the project up on KickStarter!

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