True nomads are people who choose to go out into the world and adventure. They are risk takers, cultured over time and through experience. They are lovers of the finer things. For these people, the brand Nomad created the Rugged Case.

Nomad sent us a Rugged Case for the iPhone X and we are very pleased with the protection, craftsmanship and unique ability to change over time to reflect your life journey aesthetically.


As to be expected with any Nomad product, the protection is the first thing they consider when constructing this case. The Rugged Case has a firm lip that comes over the expansive edge of the iPhone X glass front. It also protects the rear vertical camera housing with the same protruding lip (of course, without obstructing the cameras in any way).

While the glass could technically still be shattered as the case is open on the front, it would have to drop on an uneven surface to do so. Sound is unobstructed by the case. Buttons are covered by this case but readily usable. Sound on/off switch is open with this case but because of the thickness of the border, you really need a fingernail to reach the switch easily.


The leather used in this case is sourced right here in GadgetVibes home town of Chicago, IL. The Rugged Case by Nomad is built with authentic leather from the Horween Leather Company, though the assembly does take place in China.


You can tell a nomad just by looking at their face. You can see the stories they have to tell through their worn smiles and lined skin. This rings true for the Rugged Case. If you’re looking for an untouched, untainted lasting leather looking surface, this might not fit your bill of taste. This Rugged Case is easily marked. Ours got lines from keys when the phone shared a pocket. It is developing its own unique patina.

We love this about the case and it is marketed thusly, as to deter the untouched perfectionist seekers. This case is unflawed in construction and perfectly unperfect in presentation.

We give the Rugged Case by Nomad a 4.7 out of 5 stars. If you are interested in it, check out the site here.

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