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The Charger Of The Future! Bottom of Form

This is something i have yet to see anywhere on the market. A home charger that plugs in the wall with a USB port to charge your device, but then you can unplug it and it becomes an external charger on the go!

The backup battery

Something that is a necessary evil is having a place to charge your phone. Now-a-days we use our phones for everything and we are constantly on them. For this reason the external charger was invented. A battery you can charge and take with you to charge your phone anywhere anytime. Nomad has taken it a step further with their newest invention of the NomadPlus; this is a at home and on-the-go charging for all.

At Home And On The Go

How many times have you gotten stuck with a low battery in a place with no outlets in sight? With the all new NomadPlus, you’ll never have to worry about this again. Not only can you plus the NomadPlus in the wall and charge your device that way, but it also stores a 1800mAh backup battery inside that gives your phone for a quick power boost when you need one.

Made for each other claims that the “NomadPlus fits perfectly with your existing Apple wall plug, allowing you to charge up your phone with a cable as normal. While it’s plugged in, it also charges up the internal 1800mAh backup battery. Just unplug it and take it with you for a battery boost on the go”

Our Thoughts

Personally I always carry an external charger with me everywhere I go. As an advocate technology user I’m constantly on my phone, if my phone dies I feel like the world goes dark (I know this is kind of sad right?). I found the NomadPlus to be extremely helpful; when I’m at home I plug in my phone to the NomadPlus when it’s in the wall. When I go out I take the Nomad with me and the 1800mAh is enough energy to give me an at least half a charge. We loved this product and we really would recommend this to anyone for the perfect all-in-one charging kit!

USA plug style | $39.95

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