Lepow is back! With another powerful customization battery pack.

add First, it’s always a pleasure to check my inbox with another opportunity to review the best external battery packs on the market! This one is especially different than the usual power packs out there. Lepow ADD starts with one core battery pack then you have the ability to add another one to give it more juice. The main pack is a 4500mAh rectangular batter and the ADD on batter pack is another 4500mAh making the power saving device a powerful 9000mAh! The second sell is attached with a magnet to the main cell and also snapping on. ADD comes with one of Lepows signature felt carry case with a flat micro-USB cable. Also the two cells are packaged in a cool bamboo box with a rubber stopper that holds the micro-USB The main pack stands 4.7” tall, is 2.4” wide, and a total of 0.44” deep. The second pack is a little shorter measuring 4.4” tall. You can only use the main battery pack to charge your phone because it’s the only one that has a USB, and you can tell what the remaining battery percentage is when you shake ADD and the 4 LED lights… 4 lights meaning its fully charges, 2 lights means it half charged and so on. I tested out ADD on my Apple iPhone 5, using just the main batter pack I was able to get about 2 full charges out of it. Using the second ADD I was able to get another 2 charges as well. This is perfect whenever you are on the go or if you’re like me I prefer to use it instead of just charging my phone from the wall.   For me this is my new favorite battery pack, and once again Lepow has outdone them self’s with the craftsmanship of their products! Get it here for only $49.99!  

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