One of my biggest pet peeves, pulling my headphones out of my gym bag and having to sit there for 10minutes minimum to get them untangled. No matter how you fold them up they always find a way to tangle up! Finally a new product on the market that is able to tie around just about anything. Starting at 3” going up to 12” the Gear Tie uses its flexibility to tie around just about anything.

The Gear Tries Ties that I tried out were the 3” ones. There were about the exact same size and look of a Q-tip. They are completely reusable and made in the USA. The Gear Tie is made of a flexible steel wire that maintains its shape and a waterproof rubber exterior that grips objects without scratching them.

Gear Ties are perfect for organizing just about anything. I personally use mine for my head phones and smaller extension cords. I would highly recommend these to anyone! They’re cheap, highly reliable and durable.

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