The Cable That Goes Where You Go

Having your phone die can pretty much ruin your day. To fix this, companies developed a charger that you can bring on the go and charge without an outlet. But then that means you have to worry about always having a charging cable tucked away in your pocket, backpack, or various other places. This can lead to you cables getting tangled, fall apart, or rip the cord making the cord useless. So the question is why isn’t there a cable that can be small enough to fit in your pocket and durable enough to withstand normal wear-and-tear. Oh wait… There is… It’s called the NomadKey! The days or lugging around a long charging cord is over! Easily slide the NomadKey on to your key chain and take it where you go! It as light as a feather so you won’t even know it’s there.

Style and substance

The NomadKey is made of the toughest most durable materials. No matter how hard you drop it or how hard you hit it, the NomadKey is still going to work properly and do its job! Nomad Uses high-grade polycarbonate from Bayer and a stellar rubber elastomer from Dupont to make it flexible and durable. It also has scratch-resistant metals on the contacts so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of pesky caps.

Perfect for any phone type!

No everyone is an Android user or an Apple user; for this reason Nomad has created the NomadKey so that you can have one for a Lightning cable or Micro USB cable


Get Yours Today!

Never carry long cable again, lose you cables, or even ruin them. Slide you NomadKey on your Keychain and let your world be your charging station. We easily, and we are emphasizing this. We easily give the NomadKey a solid 5 stars for durability, craftsmanship, and functionality! Get your NomadKey Here!



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