It’s as heavy duty as it looks, guys.

The Urban Armor Gear iPad Air 2 case is out of this world. Let me start off by praising the look and feel of this protective case. The red and black leather elements and metallic logo work together in harmony and give you a pop of color that is sure to make you smile. I feel like I stand out from the crowd with this case. The multi functional case becomes a stand and the magnetic screen cover creates a stable base from which I can watch my favorite shows and know my iPad won’t fall over and break! (Shown below as my personal Netflix bedside pal.)

Great for watching movies or playing games!
Great for watching movies or playing games!

The construction of the case is heavy duty compared to others we’ve tried out. The material is water resistant (true to claim) and impact resistant (…I’ll get back to you if and when I drop it). It feels like it will stand up to wear and tear from the time I’ve been using it. Heads up to all other case makers; this one is going to be tough to beat! Highly recommended.

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