RAVPower Apple lightning Cable 3ft 8 pin USB SYNC Cable Charging Cord

A big problem I have with buying lightning cords from a company other than Apple is that they rarely work. Or if they do work they only work for a short period of time before it starts to say “cannot support this device”. Another problem was that the necks of the cords ALWAYS BREAK. No matter how carful you are eventually the neck tares open and the wires become exposed.
Well that’s why I’m happy I got to try out RAVPower Apple lightning Cable 3ft. I’ve been using the cord for about two weeks and I have never had any problems with it charging my phone or iPad. Also one thing I love is the neck of the cord is protected with an extra hard layer of rubber. This is protecting the neck from bending in different positions and tearing open. Huge plus! The cable fits snug in all ports I’ve tried, no gap or wiggle, again, exactly like the original Apple cable

This cord is also Apple MFi Certified, meaning that this will give a full charge and sync compatibility with any and all lightning equipped Apple and Apple compatible devices. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality cord that is compatible with your Apple devices. The only down side I would say id the cord is a bit expensive. Spending $18 on a cord is pretty steep. Although I do have to remember that this is a good quality cord.

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