The anti-glare film set is one of my absolute favorite covers I have ever used for my phone. I love the fact I can go anywhere and not have to try and adjust my phone to get the glare out. No more squinting on sunny days! HUZZAH! It protects my phone and doesn’t affect the screen at all. And my favorite part is it leaves NO finger prints! I would recommend this to EVERY one!!


• Can use your phone in the sun and whenever there is a glare on your phone

• Doesn’t restrict any visibility with the phone use

• Protects your phone

• Doesn’t distort the phones screen

• Doesn’t peel off

• Doesn’t leave finger prints

  • You can pick up the screen as many times as you want to get it centered
  • You can remove the bubbles by using the cleaning cloth wrapped around your finger and pushing the bubbles to the edge works



There were no problems with this screen cover. Once you use the cloth to push away the bubbles its a great product. Best part is you can pick the screen up and recenter it as many times as you want.


  1. Thank you for the great review. We realize that sometimes those bubbles can be annoying but we’ve found that using the enclosed cleaning cloth wrapped around your finger and pushing the bubbles to the edge works most of the time. Most of the bubbles will work themselves out in about 24 hours. If the film is not centered you can lift the film off, we suggest putting a piece of scotch tape on the corner and just lifting the film off, and re-applying the film. You can take the film off and re-apply it as many times as you need. We have a video that shows the application on a Moto X but the technique is the same for all of our films:

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